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    Great food, Live music, Fun & friendships.

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    Great food, Live music, Fun & friendships.

The Kitchen Café serves up Live Jazz and Great Food in Dallas.

Tony Hakim & Lee Tomboulian week!

Featuring Tony Hakim’s original band with special guest from New York, Lee Tomboulian on piano.

Thursday, August 21 – Beatles Tribute
Friday, August 22 – Jazz Night
Saturday, August 23 – The 70s Revisited

$10 Cover Charge
Please call 972-818-3400 for reservations.

When you enter the club where Tony Hakim and Lee Tomboulian get a chance to make music together, the temperature rises. It’s downright HOT. These two guys just “GET” each other in their very own zone. If you get to be in the same room, hold on. Their combined virtuosity has that something that we call “Chemistry.” No, not THAT kind of chemistry, the kind that gets your FULL ATTENTION…when the ice melts in your glass, when you catch yourself tapping your foot or leaning forward, or not breathing…the kind that makes you want to dance even if you can’t dance.

These guys have toured together, played countless gigs and continue to invent arrangements on-the-fly and concoct hilarious musical repartee every time they get to play together. Hakim & Tomboulian is an exclusive club and, if you’re lucky, you get to be in the audience watching them be long-lost buddies one-upping each other’s new licks. They generously allow us to observe their remarkable talents egging each other on in escalating the fun and the joy.


Welcome to The Kitchen Café

Welcome to The Kitchen Café

The Kitchen Café is a welcoming place where we combine great music with great food, wine and spirits.

Come enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness and good company. It’s a place where friends and families can relax and escape from their hectic workdays and busy schedules.

Try our signature Chicken Tortilla Soup. Savor our fresh entrées and award-winning deserts. Here at The Kitchen everything is prepared fresh – just the way you like it.

And, to make your dining experience even better, we feature Dallas’ first-call professional musicians in a unique “showcase” setting for your listening enjoyment. Join us Thursday through Saturday for the best live jazz in Dallas.

We look forward to seeing you here at The Kitchen Café.

Our Musicians Listen!

Tony Hakim, owner-manager

Tony Hakim, owner-manager

Tony Hakim couldn’t help but be a restauranteur. His Mission is to serve freshly-prepared, delicious food. His Vision is to present great live music and his highest Values are focused on fun and friendship.

Many years ago musician/chef Tony Hakim dreamed of a place like The Kitchen Café – and now he’s made it happen. In 2012, after personally assembling every detail, The Kitchen Café opened its doors to rave reviews.

Tony has personally overseen every aspect of this unique Dallas restaurant. He designed the decor and the menu. He hired a masterful chef and superlative staff. He took great care with the room acoustics and musical sound system. He virtually hand-crafted the “café of his dreams” whose very essence is an invitation.

Tony invites you to come to his place, enjoy sumptuous food, thrill to world-class musical performances and relax with friends.

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