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Thank you all for stopping by last week for our carryout meals.
It’s great to see everyone again!

Also a great big thank you to all who tuned in on Friday night for The Kitchen After Dark Concert. We will announce our next one soon.

Below we have added This Week’s Menu so you can plan ahead:
(orders available Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm)

Monday: Sauteed chicken over rice and vegetables

Tuesday: Beef Enchiladas

Wednesday: Spinach Cheddar Meatloaf

Thursday: Chicken & Dumplings

Friday: Grilled Chicken over pasta

Saturday: Pork Tenderloin

* Each day this week we will will also have Beef Barley Soup @ $5

* Each day our Signature Smoked Turkey Salad is available as well @ $11

All of the specials of the day are packaged for a family of 4 and cost $20 total. (Tax included)

Please call ahead to place your order at

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

About Tony

Tony started singing and playing the guitar at the age of 14, and after college, worked with his dad in the catering field. He dreamed of one day combining music and food in a warm environment.

In 2012, Tony found the place where he could combine his two passions.

Tony has personally overseen every aspect of The Kitchen Cafe. He designed the decor and the menu. He hired a skilled chef and friendly staff. He also took great care with the sound system and room acoustics.

We invite you to join us to share in this experience of international talent in a neighborhood setting, Wednesday through Saturday from 6:30pm ’till 10:30pm

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